At a time when companies are scrutinizing every penny and sustainability is considered in every packaging decision, Bemis introduces a patent-pending new packaging film that addresses both cost and eco-efficiency. New bMET blown, metallized sealant films replace both the barrier and sealant layers in typical 3-ply structures, creating 2-ply laminations with the performance of 3 plies. Structures utilizing bMET films use 20 percent less material and cost 10 percent less than the 3-ply laminations they replace. bMET delivers the high-end performance required to protect food products.

bMET films deliver hermetic polyethylene seals and the barrier equivalent of metallized OPET or metallized OPP in a single film. The films are fully customizable to achieve targeted oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, stiffness and/or seal characteristics. bMET films can be used in structures for nearly any flexible package format, including pre-made or form/fill/seal standup pouches as well as stickpacks and pillow pouches.

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