TURCK, Minneapolis, introduces the new IP67-rated FAS8 Advanced I/O Module (AIM) station, available in four-port configurations.

The FAS8 station includes one digital PNP I/O signal per port, with an option for 2 Amp outputs. Providing the highest level of compatibility with industrial networking requirements, the station is designed to meet the latest AS-I V3.0 specification, allowing increased communication options for analog data and detailed diagnostic information.

Featuring PNP short-circuit protected inputs, the FAS8 automatically restricts current to prevent failures in the event of a sensor malfunction. Plus, users are quickly notified through a fault signal indication if there is a short circuit on any I/O point. This module also supports both AS-I standard flat cable and round cable to accommodate current connection trends.

The FAS8 station is fully encapsulated and potted, sealing it against environmental contaminants and eliminating the need for a separate enclosure for protection. With its durable construction and IP67 rating, the station is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications-protecting against dust and moisture ingress to prevent performance failures in wet and dry environments.