Versatile. Flexible. The latest offering from Jamison Door Co. says it all. In fact, every component  in the VersaFlex door was designed to take a hit.

The world's largest thermal door manufacturer, Jamison says its new VersaFlex features a hittable Shearflow™ panel design and a superior trailing edge assembly for excellent door seal.  It likewise has a "Living Hinge" where panels are independent of the carrier.

VersaFlex has offers the highest R-Value for a hittable door. Cold storage operators can select from R10 to R32. Speaking of selections, new VersaFlex comes with either a dual-speed Powertron® or the Powertron Digital Controller.

VersaFlex door panels also may be retrofitted into existing doorways. Operators can exchange their Jamison Mark IV hard door panels with flexible VersaFlex hittable panels. -- Jamison Door Co.

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