Bosch Packaging Technology India opened its new manufacturing facility at Verna, Goa. Built on 33,000 square meters of land, the new plant will fulfill capacity expansion and meet the increasing demand of India’s growing packaging market as well as international markets. With the state-of-the-art technology, the new plant will aim at increased localization of new packaging machine production and make world class German technology affordable and available to the Indian market.

"Bosch sees India and the South Asia region as a high potential market for packaging technology, particularly in the pharmaceuticals and foods segments,” says V K Viswanathan, managing director of Bosch Ltd. “This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Goa will meet the growing needs of the region through appropriate products and packaging solutions. The new facility will also generate good growth and employment opportunities for the people of Goa.”

Bosch Packaging Technology India designs, develops, manufactures and markets form-fill-seal machines for flexible bag packaging and flow wrapping machines for confectionery and food applications.

To date, Bosch Packaging Technology India sold more than 1,200 packaging machines to leading names in the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries in India and international markets.

At present, Bosch Packaging Technology India employs 130 associates, and with this new facility, is expected to increase to about 160 within the next three years. The current production capacity of the plant is 200 machines per year, which is expected to double in three years.