Urschel Laboratories' DiversaCut 2110® Dicer offers a high capacity while taking up minimal floor space.

 Although small in stature, this rugged dicer delivers improved cut quality through an Urschel-engineered compact cutting zone. This special design enables a smooth transition of product flow that translates into superior quality cuts. Sleek rounded tube frame offers the latest in sanitary design.

The wide range of cuts include: flat slices from 1/16 to 1" (1.6 up to 25.4 mm), circular knife cuts from 1/8 to 3" (3.2 up to 76.2 mm), crosscut knife cuts from 1/8 to 1-1/2" (3.2 up to 38.1 mm), and a multitude of crinkle and strip cuts including new deep crinkle and v-cuts. The DiversaCut 2110® Dicer accepts input product up to 10" (254 mm) in any dimension.

The sanitary stainless steel design encompasses hinged access panels that simplify washdowns and maintenance. The machine also features a stainless steel motor resistant to rust and corrosion available in 5 or 10 HP (3.7 or 7.5 kW). In order to save costly downtime, the machine features quick changeover of gear pulleys and circular knife spindle/stripper plate. -- Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

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