Dixon opened a dedicated manufacturing facility for its newly renamed and expanded Specialty Products Division.
The 44,000-square-foot facility, located at its headquarters in Chestertown, Md., becomes the home of Dixon Specialty Products (DSP), previously known as Dixon Specialty Hose. DSP is the division of Dixon that is currently responsible for the engineering, development and manufacturing of various specialty products, including ball joint armor and other armored hose products, PTFE hose and fitting components and King Safety cables.
The new divisional manager of DSP is Taylor Goodall, who has been employed by Dixon since 2003, most recently serving as vice president of distribution.

“Taylor is heading up a division with an expanded product line supported by a strong group of dedicated and capable technicians and manufacturing staff,” says Bob Grace, president. “This gives us the ability to meet our customers’ needs for specialty products as well as unique, one-of-a-kind items quickly and efficiently.”
The new dedicated facilities for DSP mean that the company has expanded the available specs for R&D and manufacturing by approximately 30%, Goodall says. “The expansion also includes the installation of two new CNC machines, plus a vertical milling machine.”
The division is also in the process of adding new staff.
“One of the key reasons for this expansion is to devote additional effort to the development of our swivels product line,” Goodall adds. “We are exploring new offerings in terms of product sizes and high-pressure performance to support more field applications.”