M&Q Packaging Corp., Schuylkill Haven, Pa., introduced the MQ102 side-gusseted bag for 40-pound cheese block applications.

The MQ102 bag is a coextruded, multi-layered structure that locks out oxygen while retaining the proper amount of moisture inside, which dramatically lessens waste due to mold growth. In addition, its sharply-folded gussets provide a tight fit at the blocks’ corners after vacuumizing, thus improving yields by reducing trim loss. It runs on tower auto-loading and vacuum systems with seamless changeover from traditional bags.  

This three-mil material conforms warm, soft curd cheeses into smooth, attractive blocks while delivering abrasion- and puncture-resistant features and exceptional seal strength. The MQ102 bag also delivers clarity for visual quality checks, is kosher and Halal approved and is available in clear and dairy blue options.

M&Q Packaging Corp.