To reduce costs and improve the quality of vision systems, The Baumer Group, Southington, Conn., introduced VeriSens XC Series vision sensors that offer resolutions ranging from VGA to 2 megapixels. Featuring a fully-integrated flash controller, these highly adaptable vision sensors reduce the cost and time involved in external light source installation.

The sensor's C-mount design allows the user complete freedom in selecting the appropriate lens configuration and image resolution for each application. By integrating the flash controller into the vision sensor, external lighting is easy to manage. The sensor controls flashing at up to 48 V and 4 A under the management of its software, completely eliminating the need to program the external flash controller.

Updated software provides new capabilities such as an extended statistical assessment, an integrated test environment for listed jobs, an integrated FTP function that simplifies image storage on external media and new tools for distance determination.

The Baumer Group