BEA Lasers, Elk Grove Village, Ill., introduced Eagle Eye Sensors, a through-beam photoelectric laser source (emitter) and receiver, ideal for detecting the presence of objects, such as products on an assembly line, material or liquid level control, product positioning or profiling and more. 

Eagle Eye Sensors are available with a red (650nm) laser and dot optic to distinguish the signal from extraneous light and achieve a long sensing range. Eagle Eye Sensors can reach a maximum operating distance of 20 meters. And, the housing and components are ruggedized to withstand the ambient stresses of a factory environment.

An object is detected when the sensing path is interrupted between the two components. 

Other features of include:

  • Long sensing distance.
  • No sensing restrictions–Eagle Eye Sensors can sense virtually any object, such as metal, glass, plastic, wood and liquid.
  • Operates at the speed of light and without any mechanical operations.
  • High resolution allows for precise position detection and detection of very small parts.
  • Non-contact sensing.
  • Easy adjustment – a visible beam enables easy and accurate adjustments for positioning.
  • FDA-compliant.

BEA Lasers