Indiana news media reported that turkey processorFarbest Foods, Inc., Huntingburg, Ind., broke ground for a 220,000-square-foot plant in Vincennes, Ind. President Ted Seger said he expects Farbest to hire as many as 300 workers when the $70 million facility opens in 2014.

Farbest processes and supplies fresh and frozen turkey meat and parts for industrial and contract customers who supply all U.S. sales channels as well as overseas markets.

Farbest says its operations include a Huntingburg plant that processes approximately 40,000 tom turkeys per day; a distribution center that ships more than a million pounds of fresh and raw turkey products per day; Farbest Farms, a breeding operation raising more than 10 million turkeys per year through 160 contract growers in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky; and JFS Milling, Inc., a pelleted turkey feed business.