Forget minced fish! According to recent studies, fish sticks made with whole fish fillets are preferred more than 10 to 1 over fish sticks made with minced fish. To that end, Pinnacle Foods, Mountain Lakes, N.J., now notes that its Van de Kamp’s® and Mrs. Paul’s® Crunchy Fish Sticks - unlike the other leading brands- are now made from only 100% whole white fish fillets.
“These aren’t the fish sticks parents of today grew up with,” says brand manager Cristina Bonaldes. “The combination of taste, crunch and 100% whole white fish fillet in our fish sticks makes Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s a delicious food that kids want to eat and a nutritious meal that parents will want to serve.”
Pinnacle also notes that its Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s products also come packaged in a
"freshness pouch" to prevent freezer burn and preserve  taste and texture.
Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks are made for families of all sizes, available in an 18-count (SRP $4.99), 44- count (SRP $5.99), and even a 30-count package of Extra Large Crunchy Fish Sticks for extra-large appetites (SRP $5.99)

Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks and other frozen seafood specialties can be found in the freezer section of retailers nationwide. For more information, log onto or .