Praxair, Inc. debuted ColdFront ultra-performance flighted tunnel freezers, designed specifically for processing individually quick frozen (IQF) foods.Praxair freezers

Short individual belt flights gently tumble foods for reduced fines and deliver even, quick freezing on all surfaces of raw and cooked food. Both raw and cooked foods can be frozen into excellent quality IQF products. A wider belt width allows processors to maximize throughput while conserving floor space.

For complete accessibility during cleanup and maintenance, vertical doors align both sides of the freezer, swinging out of the way to allow open access to the freezer interior. Product guides and scraper bars are also removable for cleaning and additional access. The user-friendly design allows operators to see the entire interior floor of the freezer, making any debris easier to locate and remove during cleaning. Belt motors and drives are located outside the freezer for ease of maintenance and service.

The Praxair ColdFront ultra-performance flighted freezer system is applicable for a wide variety of food products, including most seafood, meat portions, diced foods, vegetables, berries, pizza toppings, processed foods, cheese and other items where individual, free-flowing frozen food pieces are required.

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