Controlling temperature-sensitive cargo is essential in allowing consumers around the world to receive fresh produce, frozen foods and other perishable chilledSelco thermostat items at any time of year. That’s why Selco Products, Reno, Nev., introduced WK, WK-H and WP Thermostat Series for OEM building reefers (refrigerated containers) for truck transport.

Key to the product’s design specifications is a thermostat that provides drop-in-place installation, handles the required switch capacity and delivers fast sample turn-around time and engineering support through ISO9001/AS9100 processes.

Selco’s WK, WK-H and WP Cold Capillary Thermostats offer accurate temperature control, smooth adjusting and high reliability. These devices are mechanical switches that are activated by temperature change in the capillary tube sensor. The sensor is charged with a special refrigerant gas; this change is converted to travel via the bellows/diaphragm, which is actuated by the mechanical level switch closing on temperature rise. They can be used as temperature or defrost control elements with or without constant cut in.

Specific performance capabilities include operating temperatures of 0°C to 40°C (WK Series),
-35°C to 40°C (WK-H Series) and -30°C to 55°C (WP Series). All three thermostat models are available with or without forced on and off positions and with single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switching contacts. They also come with a variety of bracket, terminal and adjustment shaft hardware options to accommodate a wide range of user requirements.

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