Thermo King, Minneapolis, introduced the SLXi local transport refrigeration unit (TRU) that is up to 200 pounds lighter than other TRUs to increase payload capacity.

Additional features include:

  • The SLXi Local is said to be the lightest refrigeration unit available in the North American over-the-road market. It is up to 200 pounds lighter than other refrigeration units, so transporters can carry more cargo to increase payload opportunities.
  • The slim profile reduces the tractor-trailer gap by 7 inches to decrease air drag and enhance tractor fuel efficiency. The slim profile adds flexibility to the tractor-trailer and lowers the risk of damaging the tractor or TRU when turning corners on tight city streets.
  • The Thermo King Whisper kit is standard on all SLXi Local units, and operates at three decibels lower than similar units to comply with growing trends in municipal noise restrictions.

The TRU utilizes next-generation R452A refrigerant that reduces global warming impact by 45% compared to other refrigerants.

Thermo King North America