Minneapolis-based Thermo King introduced the latest technology for transport solar applications with unit-mounted solar panels. Thermo King solar panel

The unit-mounted solar panel solution for transport refrigeration units provides an alternative power source helping to offset the ever-growing demand for telematics and other parasitic loads in the transport industry. This solution creates peace of mind for customers that the battery will remain charged and undamaged, even during the dead of winter, allowing them to optimize uptime, extend battery life and gain/achieve uninterrupted/continuous asset management.

The upgraded, more efficient architecture allows customers to mount directly onto the unit, without sacrificing trailer height. The solar panel is properly sized to ensure it appropriately and accurately charges the battery. The solar panel kit comes complete with a charger and properly sized harness.

This new solar offering is deal for intermodal truckers, highway carriers, 3PLs, equipment manufacturers and more.

Thermo King North America