CombiScale Inc., Las Vegas, introduced the PrimoWeigher software, with features that reduce start-up time, increase productivity and give managers control of theCombiScale camera line from the convenience of their office. 

Made with an open-frame design, the PrimoWeigher’s control panel includes an easy-to-read 15-inch color touch screen with the choice of several languages, including English, Spanish and French. Plus, a Wizard function walks operators through a step-by-step on-screen procedure to enter in new recipes, complete with flip-through photographs of the product that can be attached to each recipe.

The Primo Pocket Control gives operators complete control of the PrimoWeigher in the palms of their hands, eliminating the need to go back and forth between the scale and control panel or the assistance of a second person.

PrimoWeigher 360° Online Support allows service technicians to connect to the PrimoWeigher and provide immediate support. The PrimoWeigher boasts a digital camera, so technicians can see what the operator sees in real-time.

CombiScale Inc.