When it comes to taking the heat in the kitchen, Green Valley Organics’ new crème fraîche does just that. This is the first product from the Sebastopol, Calif.,Green Valley Organics creme fraiche company to be developed specifically for the foodservice industry.

The crème fraîche stands up to the high heat from industrial stove tops, and is certified humane raised and handled, organic and made in a 100% solar-powered creamery.

“All of the chefs that have tasted and tested our new crème fraîche have been impressed by the product as much for how it tastes and performs as they are by how we make it,” says Jennifer Bice, owner. “They want quality ingredients for sure, but chefs also want to know where their ingredients come from, where they are made, who makes them and how. We make a product they can feel good about putting in their dishes and on their menus. They genuinely appreciate our commitment to providing a humane environment for the cows and the green practices that we employ. We like to say we put the ‘green’ in Green Valley Organics.”

Because of its higher fat content, crème fraîche can be heated to higher temperatures without fear of curdling or separating. It’s a versatile kitchen ingredient that lends a creamy, richness to savory soups, sauces and simmers as well as to oven-made desserts such as crème brulee or mousse.