Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), Portland, Ore., and the Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA), Salinas, Calif., partnered to Trident Foods trainingdevelop a new energy efficiency certification for industrial refrigeration operators. NEEA continues to increase energy efficiency in the Northwest by partnering with utilities and industry groups to train and certify key professionals in the Northwest.

Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist, or CRES, gives refrigeration operators, technicians, managers and other refrigeration professionals the knowledge to manage energy usage and find low- and no-cost savings in their plants. CRES certification involves demonstrating understanding of basic refrigeration concepts such as CARO-level knowledge, passing a CRES exam and completing and documenting five low- and no-cost energy efficiency activities. Additional activities and PDH will be required for re-certification.

“The RETA CRES training and certification is a coordinated, regional effort that will complement and support utility programs and create a market for refrigeration operators trained and certified in energy efficiency best practices,” says Susan Stratton, executive director, NEEA. “Our partnership with RETA is a key first step in transforming the industrial refrigeration market in the Northwest.”

Through CRES certification, refrigeration operators will learn how to optimize energy efficiency of compressors, condensers and evaporators, track facility energy use, develop energy management tactics and reduce their company’s energy costs.

“One of RETA’s goals for the Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist program is for the hands-on operator to gain more appreciation and respect from their employers by successfully acquiring this credential and making a positive difference to the bottom line where they work,” says Don Tragethon, executive director, RETA.

RETA’s Puget Sound Chapter hosted the first six-session CRES demonstration training for operators and technicians from industrial refrigeration companies. Seattle-based Trident Seafoods provided a training location and hands-on opportunities for companies such as Darigold, Lineage/Seafreeze and PermaCold Engineering who completed the training. Other CRES pilot trainings will follow in Idaho and Central Washington.