Tranter, a Wichita Falls, Texas-based manufacturer of heat exchangers, launched a new regional website,, to provide a more tailored experience for Tranter websiteits North American customers. The regional sites will allow Tranter to not only communicate on a global scale, but also promote the strengths of the individual regions. This regionality allows for a more robust experience and connection with their customers on a more personal level.

When entering, visitors simply choose their local region from the drop-down menu. The information on the regional sites is tailored to that specific region, allowing customers to understand the unique innovations of that region. For example, Tranter North America features a Quick Ship Program, available only in the United States, whereby select units and configurations are shipped within three days. Rationality also allows for a more streamlined experience as other highlights such as local content, community involvement, regional tradeshows and localized service are more quickly connected.