Land O'Lakes, Arden Hills, Minn., is “setting the innovation table” in cooking with the launch of Sauté Express Sauté Starter. Found in the dairy aisle, this seasonedLand O'Lakes Saute Express butter and olive oil sauté starter cooks and flavors chicken, fish and pork in one easy step.

"Sauté Express Sauté Starter is the first of many dairy-based products we plan to launch as part of our long-term cooking platform strategy," says Peggy Ellingson, vice president of innovation. "This new cooking product is the next step in making our customers' cooking experience easier, more enjoyable and more delicious; representing the simple goodness and quality we deliver with all of our products."

 Sauté Express Sauté Starter boasts a suggested retail price of $3.79 for a 6-ounce box of six 1-ounce flavor packages. Each square cooks two chicken breasts, two pork chops or two fish fillets.