Atlanta-based Innovia Films developed NatureFlex, a range of specialty packaging films that give strong environmental support toward increasing consumer demand for more environmentally-friendly packaging.

These bio-films are based strongly on renewable resources (wood pulp from managed plantations) and are certified to the European (EN13432), American (ASTM D6400) and Australian (AS4736) norms for compostable packaging. In addition, the majority of grades have been certified by Vinçotte to the OK Compost Home standard for home composting and certain grades have been proven to biodegrade in a waste-water environment. Further testing has proven that most NatureFlex grades are also suitable for anaerobic digestion. NatureFlex films use novel heat seal-resins on each side. They are static free and offer a super wide heat seal range for outstanding machine performance. The films offer good gas barrier properties, and the coatings can be tailored to provide varying degrees of moisture barrier, depending on the needs of the wrapped product.

Four aspects for the development of these films include:

Manufacturing. LCA-managed process. Reduces carbon footprint. Is said to be a proven environmental investment.

Performance. Features barrier properties and high-heat resistance. Boasts horizontal form-film-seal, twist and overwrap.

End of life. Industrial and home compostable. Anaerobic digestion. Incineration.

Raw material. Renewable, sourced from managed forestry and low-impact cultivation.

Innovia Films, Inc.