Clear Lam Packaging, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.,introduced new packaging solutions for prepared foods and meal components.

For example, the metalized (PET) recyclable rollstock for form-fill-seal (FFS) equipment or industrial thermoformers offers improved temperature resistance for hot fill applications and is said to deliver a 30% longer thermoforming window. In addition, the material can be easily sealed with lidding films to extend product shelf life. This PET plastic is recyclable with other colored or pigmented polyester bottles or trays. Applications include dips, sauces, meats, cheeses, deli and produce platters and premium bakery containers.

The SP707 PET lidding films are designed for superior wet and contamination sealing to PET trays, cups or platters. When compared to similar laminates made from flexible materials, this film is said to provide a 28-42% percent improvement in bond strength. Printable with anti-fog properties, the material can be run on tray sealing or FFS equipment. Applications include deli dips, prepared meal and snack kits and fresh produce items.

The proprietary PrimaPak packaging line is expanding into new applications, including frozen processed foods and fresh refrigerated salads, among others. PrimaPak is said to be the first of its kind flexible, stackable, reclosable package produced from a single roll of film on a vertical FFS machine. Designed as a replacement for pre-formed trays, platters, jars or stand-up pouches, the PrimaPak technology can help processors and retailers achieve sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain.

Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.