BioControl Systems, Bellevue, Wash., developed a new instrument and software platform that combines HACCP and hygiene monitoring with powerful programBioControl QA monitoring management capabilities.

The MVP ICON is a next-generation instrument for monitoring key HACCP parameters, including ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity and chemical concentration. The MVP ICON Dashboard software provides key program analytics updated in real-time to provide essential performance data critical to managing a quality program.

The MVP ICON features a unique software dashboard, which serves as a control panel, providing quality assurance professionals a quick overview of key control metrics, assuring their HACCP plans and sanitation protocols are being followed and properly executed. The dashboard provides insight into vital criteria for a sanitation program, such as the amount of ATP swabs used in comparison to a set target, whether failed results have been adequately re-cleaned and re-tested, and even when the MVP ICON’s next calibration is due. The software also features original print-and-present HACCP reports to reduce the amount of time quality managers spend analyzing HACCP-trending data and preparing for audits.

The MVP ICON instrument features a sleek, lightweight design and innovative touchscreen. Test points can be organized into sample plans to efficiently conduct testing throughout a facility and re-test tracking to ensure testing complies with standard operating procedures.

BioControl Systems