METTLER TOLEDO’s Safeline PowerChek Plus x-ray inspection system was designed specifically to meet the product contamination inspection needs of bulk and Mettler Toledo PowerChekpackaged food products. PowerChek Plus combines the highest protection levels of functionality and detection sensitivity with maximum system reliability and productive uptime. Allen Bradley controls ensure reliable performance, and optional AMI and 3-A elevated sanitary specifications are also available.

PowerChek Plus systems can also be fully customized to fit customers’ production lines and specific needs rather than requiring the customer to re-configure a production line or adjust needs to accommodate the equipment. Using unique low energy x-ray technology, PowerChek Plus inspection units reliably detect and reject many contaminants, including metal, stone, glass and bone. A 15-inch full-color touchscreen user interface and intuitive software make operating the system extremely simple, requiring no time-consuming manual changeover operations or specialized knowledge about x-ray inspection technology.

Rated NEMA 4/IP65, the equipment’s design enables easy access to all machine areas and can be disassembled for cleaning in seconds without the need for tools. An optional NEMA PW12/IP69K option protects the equipment against high temperatures and high-pressure washdowns. The system operates at a high level of reliability at line speeds of up to 400 fpm, and requires minimal maintenance, minimal training time and faster line startups and changeovers.