The METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Certus XR x-ray inspection system was designed specifically to offer an effective and highly efficient solution for line x-ray inspection MT Certus x-rayof small packaged products.

Using unique low energy x-ray technology, the Certus XR 300 and Certus XR 400 reliably detect and reject many contaminants, including metal, stone, glass and bone. With a 6-inch full-color touchscreen user interface and intuitive software, the system requires no time-consuming manual changeover operations or specialized knowledge about x-ray inspection technology.

These Certus XR models provide modular design that includes a user interface and processor that are combined into an easily-removable single assembly. Rated NEMA 4/IP65, the equipment’s sanitary design enables easy access to all machine areas and can be disassembled for cleaning in seconds without the need for tools.