The new X39 X-ray inspection system designed by Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Tampa, Fla., now enables manufacturers of frozen formed burger patties (beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian) to detect and reject non-conforming products, including both those containing contaminants and those with other product irregularities or defects.

The X39 employs a 2-stage inspection process. Stage 1 is an integrated laser technology preliminary brand integrity check for flake defects and length, width and height irregularities. This inspection takes place regardless of product position. A single bank of air nozzles and a reject flap immediately removes individual substandard products from the conveyor.

In the second inspection stage, X39 X-ray detector consecutively inspects the remaining good products for foreign-body contaminants, such as calcified bone, mineral, stone, glass, metal and high-density plastic and additional product defects, including holes, dents, edge deformities, mass and shape. Air nozzles reject substandard product into a secondary rework receptacle, further minimizing waste, ensuring brand integrity and upholding food safety requirements.

This two-fold product inspection system and highly-precise reject capability takes place across multiple production lanes, enabling manufacturers to re-work products detected by each examination stage. The X39 operates at 60 meters a minute. For example, it can conduct 10 integrity checks of 300 pieces a minute per lane based on 100 mm patties across 6 lanes, with an approximately 100 mm gap between each product. 

Mettler-Toledo Safeline, a division of Mettler-Toledo, Inc.