FORTE, Mason, Ohio, released what is said to be the next generation of warehouse control system (WCS) software, the Smart Warehouse Suite. Forte Smart Warehouse software

This WCS 2.0 solution maximizes automation functionality while delivering real-time operational intelligence. Designed for the complex requirements of today’s highly automated, multi-channel fulfillment operations, the Smart Warehouse Suite provides supply chain managers with performance metrics and analytics delivered in an easy-to-use graphical user interface with remote monitoring capabilities.

The Smart Warehouse Suite’s comprehensive warehouse execution capabilities include the following modules:

Automation Director. Manages the high demands of any distribution center's fulfillment requirements, from the basic automation of manual processes through advanced automated material handling systems.

Warehouse Director. Provides warehouse management functionality to augment or extend standard WMS capabilities configured to meet specific requirements.

Operations Director. Provides event monitoring, incident management and visibility to the effectiveness of the delivery systems with detection and correction of system inefficiencies.

Intelligence Director. Provides performance metrics and predictive analytics for comprehensive operational intelligence. Validates current operational effectiveness while providing guidance for future operational improvements.

Integration Director. This single point of integration across all islands of automation eliminates the need to develop multiple complex integrations within the WMS as new islands of automation are introduced. Enhancements to this module include real-time information sharing and dissemination between each WCS component.