Yale Materials Handling Corp., Greenville, N.C.,launched the YaleERP080-100VM electric-powered lift truck series. Thissit-down, electric-powered, pneumatic tire liftYale zero emission lift truck truck series is available in 8,000-, 9,000-and 10,000-pound models, and offers an environmentally-friendly option for industries that have historically been powered by internal combustion engines (ICE).

To attain maximum uptime, the ERP080-100VM comes with a standard 80-volt control system and extended shift feature that permits balanced battery run time and truck productivity. The new platform utilizes AC transistor control technology that allows precise load handling with less noise, while the AC motors eliminate brushes completely—along with brush service and maintenance.

The new electric-powered lift truck series uses auto deceleration, which reduces brake wear and extends brake life by automatically slowing the truck through regenerative braking. In addition, the trucks’oil-cooled wet disc brakes are completely sealed from water and other contaminants, translating to more time on the warehouse or plant floor instead of in the shop, as no service brake or auto parking brake adjustments are needed. With fewer serviceable parts than comparable ICE trucks and a 500-hour service interval, the new Yale electric-powered lift truck series provides reduced maintenance requirements. When maintenance is required though, removable floor and side plates provide simplified access to serviceable components.

The Yale ERP080-100VM also features a “Drop Battery Box” design—a low seat position and low step height, allowing operators to effortlessly enter and exit the truck. In addition, the easy-to-use, three-point entry design of the operator compartment minimizes operator muscle and joint strain during compartment entry and exit. To further increase comfort, the steering column is infinitely adjustable and can be ordered with an optional tilt memory function.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.