Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a St. Louis-based business of Emerson, introduced the Copeland Scroll condensing unit – FFAP Series, which is said to Emerson FAP condensing unitdeliver an improved energy efficiency rating (EER) of up to 15% when compared to standard reciprocating condensing units.

The FFAP Series utilizes the new Copeland Scroll ZSKA refrigeration compressor (1.5 to 5 hp) and is compatible with a variety of refrigerants, including R-404A, R-134a, R-407C and R-22. It also has a wide operating range (from -30°F to 45°F evaporator temperature), which allows it to be used with applications ranging from convenience stores to other retail establishments and enables fewer SKUs to be stocked and serviced.

The FFAP series condensing unit also features Emerson’s Electronic Unit Controller, which simplifies commercial refrigeration system operation while increasing system accuracy, protection and capabilities. The Emerson Electronic Unit Controller improves condensing unit reliability, service and diagnostics by utilizing a more advanced and precise electronic control system, instead of the traditional mechanical control.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.