Bifulco’s Four Season Cold Storage, a third-party logistics provider based in Pittsgrove, N.J., selected MAVES’ ViewPoint Logistics, a 3PL software solution MAVES 3PL WMSdesigned to manage warehouse operations.

With more than 75,000 square foot of cold storage and warehouse space and divisions in farming, Bifulco sought a warehouse management system that could accommodate its produce operations by focusing on their rework process, as well as provide RF support and web visibility. Bifulco implemented MAVES ViewPoint Logistics for its robust 3PL-centric functionality and ability to deliver their clients real-time data access throughout the entire inbound to outbound process.

“At Bifulco, we have always prided ourselves in providing excellence in operations and customer service,” says Mickey Bifulco, president of Bifulco’s Four Seasons Cold Storage Inc. “I have heard good things about MAVES in the industry, and I’m excited to get involved and work with their technology and staff to continue this long-standing tradition.”

ViewPoint Logistics will provide increased flexibility and control to Bifulco’s operations by delivering a systematic approach to streamlining inventory management and the handling of the produce rework process. Built-in RF support offers strengthened inventory controls, while increasing picking accuracy and reducing associated errors, cost and labor. MAVES’ MyLogistics client portal extends the capabilities of the WMS to Bifulco’s clients, so they can review stock levels, track orders and generate reports, providing them with constant, real-time, online visibility.

“MAVES is thrilled to welcome Bifulco’s Four Seasons Cold Storage to the Maves family,” says Aaron Laird, president of Maves International Software, Canada. “We look forward to working with the Bifulco team in implementing the industry leading warehouse management and client visibility features of MAVES ViewPoint Logistics. By extending these features to Bifulco’s produce re-work operation, Bifulco’s will gain system control and their clients will gain visibility of this critical service offering that has not been possible in the past.”