PDC International Corp., Norwalk, Conn., introduced a shrink banding system with a customized tooling and product handling package that makes it practical and PDC oyster shrink labelerefficient for a broad range of applications.

The PDC Model 75C-E shrink bander is high-volume shrink sleeve technology adapted for the sleeving of fresh and frozen oysters. Like other PDC systems, it uses PDC’s patented proprietary technology that positively handles sleeving material through feeding, cutting and application with exceptional consistency.

The PDC Model 75 applies shrink sleeves at up to 400 cpm, depending on sleeve dimensions. Banding material diameters range from .375-3.5 inches, and band heights range from .625-9 inches for tamper-evident banding or full-height shrink sleeving.

The Model 75C-E shrink sealer is mounted over a 30-foot-long conveyor with 180 fixtures, each fixture consisting of four stainless-steel pins, mounted to stainless plates that are attached to the continuous motion conveyor. Due to the variability of oyster dimensions, the shrink sleeve is applied into the empty fixture and oysters are loaded manually into the sleeve held in the fixture. The banded oysters are then processed by an in-line, dual-zone shrink tunnel. This combination radiant and convection hot air tunnel—the PDC RAD/KRC 24-72-56—is mounted on a power auto lift tunnel stand that automatically raises the tunnel, allowing the orderly pausing of the system and preventing the product from overheating if stationary under the tunnel.

The 75C-E is a robust shrink sealer that is well-suited to the special requirements of packaging fresh and highly perishable foods, particularly those with irregular shapes or inconsistent sizes. It has a touch-screen operator interface, static eliminator and a comprehensive sensors and verification package.

PDC International Corp.