Tampa, Fla.-based Eagle Product Inspection developed FA3, a high-performance in-line fat, moisture and protein analysis system for fresh or frozen meat products. It also Eagle FA3 x-rayoffers contaminant detection and weight measurement, thus speeding up throughput rates for manufacturers keen to optimize productivity.

Incorporating Eagle’s advanced SimulTask image analysis software, the FA3 provides peerless measurement of chemical lean, over varying meat thicknesses, enabling manufacturers to ensure a high-quality product for end consumers. The system’s UPSHOT Compact X-Ray Imaging Geometry allows scanning of the meat from the base with detectors located above the belt. This offers closer placement of the x-ray source to the product to enhance detection sensitivity for foreign bodies such as bone, wire and other metal fragments, glass, stone, rubber and plastics. Its sanitary design can withstand even the harshest of washdown regimes, maximizing durability and reliability for meat producers.

Eagle Product Inspection