Eagle Product Inspection, Tampa, Fla., designed a new high-tech inline fat analysis system for meat products. This new fat analysis technology combines fat and Eagle XSDV xrayweight inspection, contaminant detection and measurement of protein and moisture values. The new product inspection technology features third-generation superior sanitary design ideal for harsh washdown environments. It also incorporates the latest advancements in SimulTask software to allow for enhanced chemical lean measurement over varying thicknesses of meat.

Eagle also presented the Eagle Tall PRO XSDV, a dual view x-ray system designed to detect and remove up to 50% smaller sized contaminants located in rigid and glass containers. Featuring Eagle material discrimination technology (MDX), the advanced dual energy technology allows manufacturers to detect and remove contaminants, such as glass shards, plastics, rubber, calcified bone and stones, in products with complex density levels such as pre-packed salads or frozen vegetables. This x-ray inspection system is targeted for large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipack container packaging.

Eagle Product Inspection