Michael Foods, Minnetonka, Minn., began construction of a $33 million 2-phase expansion project at the company’s Wakefield, Neb., farm and processing plant. The project includes expansion of the facilities, as well as the installation of new equipment.

The project’s first phase involves an increase in total square footage by about 75,000 square feet, including additions in production, refrigerated space, finished goods space and egg storage. Two new food production equipment lines will also be installed.

The second phase includes renovation of existing spaces and relocation of two food production equipment lines. Michael Foods will also prepare the site for a potential building addition in the future.

“This investment will address existing needs for additional space, expand our production capacities at the Wakefield location, provide enhanced service for our customers and position the plant for future growth,” says Joe Clevenger, plant manager. “Michael Foods is committed to the Wakefield community and greatly values our partnership with local officials, who were instrumental in helping get the project underway.”

Because of anticipated efficiencies in the new production operations, the expansion is not expected to provide additional jobs.

“However, the expansion will build our overall production capacity, and we expect it to generate additional revenues for the company and by extension will increase Michael Foods’ economic contribution in Wakefield,” adds Clevenger. “We look forward to working with community leaders as the project progresses.”