Canada-based Unifiller Systems debuted the Shufflemixer, a line of aerators created by Shuffle-Mix, The Netherlands. Unifiller Shufflemixer

Designed for use in bakeries for pie and cake decorating and for aerating and depositing cream, bavarois, mousse and meringue, the Shufflemixer is said to increase product volume up to three times more compared to a traditional batch mixer, resulting in a more stable product that holds its shape and form longer.

Available in four sizes, the Shufflemixer is built for speed and flexibility, with fast start-up and switch-over with minimal product loss. The system is PLC controlled and equipped with a frequency controlled product pump and automatically controlled air flow meter. The system can be operated through a coloured touch screen that can store up to 40 recipes.

Additionally, its sanitary design is built to HACCP specifications and is clean-in-place.

Unifiller Systems, Inc.