TwinPeaks Online, Pasadena, Calif., released the newest version of its POMePOS point-of-sale system, which features a back-end module written in PHP that runs on an SQL database, a 'client' front-end Java application that runs on 10-inch Android tablets and a Java web-based application that keeps management informed 24/7 about sales numbers for each store or terminal.

Ideal for bakeries, restaurants, cafés and fast food establishments, the touchscreens are designed to minimize "touch" strokes, allowing operators to easily make sales of "on-the-shelf" items and receive payments in the form of cash, credit card, check, gift card or loyalty points. 

POMePOS also allows users to sell items "on account" to wholesale customers, who may have unique prices or discounts on certain items. The customer signs a receipt and is then billed accordingly.

Additionally, POMePOS allows operators to input customer orders for items to be picked up some time in the future. Deposits are entered and at the time of pickup, the cashier sees the balance due on the order. Production sheets are printed using the back-end server module.