Dry Ice Blasting Solution

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., Decatur, Ill., featured dry ice blasting products that have been implemented in several top commercial bakeries. 

Since dry ice blasting is a waterless cleaning method, no moisture is introduced to the production area.  Cleaning with dry ice blasting reduces current bacteria counts, including Salmonella, E.Coli andListeria. Dry ice blasting also streamlines the cleaning process and reduces labor costs. In bakeries, dry ice blasting can be used to clean production equipment such as bakery molds, conveyors, mixers, ovens, slicers and more. 

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning process where dry ice pellets are accelerated through a dry ice blasting machine to clean a variety of surfaces. Dry ice blasting is also a “green” process, as the carbon dioxide sublimates (or turns from solid directly to gas) during the cleaning process. The carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by trees and plants and converted into carbon and oxygen.

The IceBlast KG30 Supreme is a versatile, heavy duty dry ice blasting machine. The feed rate can be as low as 1.1 pound per minute and tops out at approximately 3.6 pounds per minute, depending on the job. Blasting can be done as low as 29 psi for delicate applications or up to 232 psi for the very difficult ones.

When combined with the IT3 nozzle kit, the IceBlast KG30 Supreme becomes multi-functional. The IT3 kit comes with a 'splitter,' which breaks the blasting dry ice pellet into smaller, granular pieces, allowing for a more effective clean.

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.

Compact Entry Level Filler

Unifiller, Canada, showcased its newest launch, the compact and versatile Elf 400 (entry level filler), designed for optimizing production.


Portable Splice Press for Baking

Flexco, Downers Grove, Ill., showcased a bevy of belt splicing product solutions, including the air-cooled Novitool Aero Portable Splice Press, which revolutionizes endless splicing in baking applications. The Aero Press comes with a flight case for protection during storage and transportation, and is capable of 7-12 minutes per splice. Plus, a new quick release pressure valve releases air almost instantly. The Aero Press features integrated digital controls for temperature and pressure. Intuitive display codes make for an improved user interface. The top and bottom platens can be set to achieve different temperatures. Recent improvements allow for bottom platen settings up to 99% lower than the top platen, making it ideal for belts with fabric backing. The thermoplastic top surface is melted, while the bottom is not discolored or scorched. 

It also debuted the Alligator Spiral Lace System, which consists of low-profile, non-metallic fasteners that are FDA approved for food and baking applications; the Clipper G Series Lacing System, which consists of single-stamped, machine-installed lacing; the Clipper Unibar Wire Hook System, which features hooks welded to a common bar to provide greater security; and the Clipper Roller Lacer, a lightweight, portable installation tool that gently and precisely rolls the hooks into the belt for a low-profile splice.


Magnetic Separator Combined with Metal Detector

The Pro-Tector from Material Process Equipment efficiently combines the simplicity of a magnetic separator with the reliability of a metal detector in one compact unit.

Material Process Equipment, Highland, Mich., launched Pro-Tector, which efficiently combines the simplicity of a magnetic separator with the reliability of a metal detector in one compact unit to prevent both ferrous and nonferrous metals from contaminating final product. This innovative new system assures the quick, easy removal of metals from product stream, while its size accommodates the tight spaces commonly found in production facilities.

Designed for use in gravity-feed pipes to monitor for metal contaminants in continuous-flowing granules or powders such as sugar, flour, corn meal or spices, the Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet provides maximum magnetic separation of contaminants.

Product first flows through the drawer magnet, which is located at the top of the unit, and then ferrous-free product continues through a gravity-feed metal detector.

The Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet employs twin layers of rare earth magnetic tubes to provide maximum magnetic separation of metal contaminants, and its quick-clean feature allows the operator to clean the unit in under 10 seconds.

Material Process Equipment

Food-Grade, NSF H1-Registered Lubricants

Klϋber Lubrication, Londonderry, N.H., displayed its latest NSF H1-registered lubricants for the food industry. These products provide efficient solutions for increasing productivity in extreme applications, such as ovens, freezers and high-friction points in conveyors, proofers and palletizers.

For example, the ALLPLEX FMG Series of greases are multi-purpose, NSF H1-registered products are designed for use in applications where incidental food contact is possible. The special additive package provides for excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure protection from corrosion. Equipment in washdown environments benefits from the aluminum complex thickener system, which provides excellent water resistance in addition to a broad temperature range. ALLPLEX is available in multiple standard packaging options from drums to cartridges, and can be used as a single point lubricator.

The NH1 CH 2-220 is the premier oil for lubricating high-temperature chains in baking. This fully synthetic, ester-based lubricant can operate at extreme temperatures for longer periods of time and without residue buildup, all while protecting chain components from increased wear. Users benefit from dramatically reduced consumption, cleaner operations, reduced noise and no smoking when applying oil.

The NK1 Z 8-001 Spray is a cleaner de-greasing spray that has been formulated to aid in the rapid and thorough removal of oils, greases, waxes and resin residues. Klüberfood NK1 Z 8-001 Spray is an organic solvent cleaning agent that is registered NSF K1 and K3, which helps promote safety in non-food processing areas.

Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.

Compact Foodservice Scales

OHAUS Corp., Parsippany, N.J., launched the Valor 7000 line of compact foodservice scales. 

Designed for restaurants, bakeries, foodservice and other culinary areas requiring fast operation and flexibility, the Valor 7000 scales offer a less than one second stabilization time to provide unmatched throughput.  Touchless sensors in the front and back of the scale can be programmed to perform a variety of functions and provide touch-free operation, promoting a hygienic workspace and reducing the chance of cross contamination. Dual displays with bright backlights located in the front and back of the scale allow two operators to share one scale and are easy to read from a distance in retail applications.

The Valor 7000’s application modes include weighing in pound, ounce, pound:ounce, kilogram, gram and percent for use in baker’s percentages, checkweighing for packaging and sorting and accumulation of weighing results. It also offers LED checkweighing lights to quickly tell the operator when the weight on the pan is within the required weight range. Valor 7000 also includes a built-in internal rechargeable battery that offers 210 hours of operation between charges, as well as an internal 100-240 VAC universal power supply.

Valor 7000 is NSF-certified, USDA-AMS accepted and supports HACCP systems and is NTEP-certified and Measurement Canada Approved for legal-for-trade applications.


12-Piston Orbital for Bakery

Hinds-Bock Corp., Bothell, Wash., introduced the new 12-piston orbital all servo-driven industrial depositor with positive shut-off spouts.

Ideal for frozen and baked muffin, cheesecake, pie and cake batters, this depositor handles continuously moving pans at high rates of speed, and is said to run faster and quieter than conventional depositors. Plus, it does not require compressed air for power.

Accurate, fast, efficient and quiet, this depositor is available in many sizes to match any pan configuration.

Hinds-Bock Corp.

Cloud-Based Bakery Management Software

TwinPeaks Online, Pasadena, Calif., unveiled its new line of web-based bakery management solutions.

The POMePOS is a web- and tablet-based point-of-sale software for bakeries that is designed to work with Android-based 10-inch tablets, as well as in the event of a lost internet connection.

It includes ways to manage wholesale accounts and receive and process future orders as well as custom orders that allow for specific modifiers and attributes. 

TwinPeaks Online

Easy Clean Slide Gates

Lorenz Conveying Products, Canada, unveiled new Easy Clean Slide Gates for applications where frequent cleaning is required.

The Easy Clean Slide Gate allows easy and quick disassembly without tools. Constructed  from 304 stainless-steel with UHMW pressure plates, each gate comes in 2-8 inches with tube stub connections.  It also features pneumatic actuation for gravity applications, PET or Teflon pressure plates and sanitary ferrule connections.

Lorenz Conveying Products Corp.

Put-to-Light Solution for Bakery Depots

Distrib XEfrom Pcdata, East Granby, Conn., is a self-supporting put-to-light solution—manual order fulfilment technology—for up to 50 locations, developed specifically for bakery depots. Distrib XEreplaces the need for order pick sheets and automatically doubles as confirmation of product amounts received at the depot. No more guessing.

Uniquely designed, Distrib XE can be completely set up without an electrical contractor. Thanks to its modular support system and patched cables, Distrib XE can be operational in a matter of hours. The video tutorial and built-in configuration wizard allows set-up with minimal IT skills.

Additionally, Distrib XErecords all product handling transactions, making it easy to accurately establish how the orders have been fulfilled or to reconcile against product shipped to the depot. Distrib XE eliminates “unaccounted for,” provides real time track-and-trace of orders and delivers 20-50% efficiency improvement vs. paper-based order fulfillment.

Pcdata Inc.



Bread Pallet with Innovative Loading Design

ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., introduced a new 44x52 bread pallet, designed to promote more efficient storage, shipping and handling of bakery item baskets throughout the bakery supply chain.

This pallet was specifically built with a unique top deck shape that corresponds directly with the bottom of baskets, allowing for a more secure fit when slide-on loading. In addition, it features beveled edges to promote safer handling among workers.

Made completely of polyethylene plastic, the pallet’s thermoformed design provides improved durability and impact resistance, and can tolerate the wide range of temperatures experienced within the bakery supply chain, from -10°F to 150°F. Its smooth, non-porous construction protects the product from potential harm and contamination that normally affects a standard wood pallet—no nails, rust or splinters—and it does not absorb moisture or odor, allowing for easier cleaning.

The pallet’s all-plastic construction ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance during its entire service life. Plus, it delivers versatile handling with 4-way pallet jack use, a lightweight build for better ergonomics and easy interface with automation.


Processing Innovations with Expanded Hygiene Solutions

JBT FoodTech, Sandusky, Ohio, continues to build its full product portfolio with expanded hygiene solutions, more quality control and added cost savings.

For instance, it upgraded the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT (GC) M10 Tight Curve Spiral Freezer with a Hygiene-by-Design freezing solution that uses no recycled cleaning materials and delivers a 100% cleanable product zone. Upgraded features on the GC M10 TC include a fully seam-welded enclosure and an optional steam-in-freezer defrost and sanitation system. The GC M10 TC also features a hygienic coil design and a stronger FRIGoBELT conveyor. With its 42-inch wide tight curve belt, this high-capacity, wide belt freezer solution comes in an enclosure box that is only 15x9. In addition, the GC M10 TC utilizes a self-stacking stainless-steel belt and internal single pass clean-in-place system to make cleaning the entire spiral freezer automatic. For increased uptime, JBT FoodTech optimized the design of the freezer’s fan-driven air balance tunnel to minimize the amount of moisture entering the spiral through the infeed and outfeed openings, and provides an optional robust solution for sequential defrost.

The Stein ProBake delivers continuous contact cooking that transfers heat evenly across the width of the belt. With bottom heating platens, the ProBake conditions the underside of bakery products, allowing for better transition to the proofing and freezing stages.

The Frigoscandia GC Self Stacking Proofer features a continuous self-stacking conveyor and a self-contained product zone that ensures gentle handling and superior processing hygiene. Temperature and humidity are accurately controlled in the entire product zone from start to finish and across the width of the belt. This ensures even proofing and uniform quality of the product. With upflow air, the GC Proofer can eliminate the need for pans or paper on specific products.

Lastly, the DSI J-Scan Inspection System delivers high-speed precision sorting by providing corrective feedback to the operator using upstream processing. It also provides the ability to simulate runs and make adjustments in seconds, while achieving greater yield and even greater payback. The scanning system allows for added quality control and off-site access to plant production.

JBT FoodTech, a division of JBT Corp.

Multi-Max Loading System

Colborne Foodbotics, Lake Forest, Ill., introduced its highly flexible Multi-Max Loading System, designed to operate with a very wide range of containers such as corrugated cases, baskets, bins, trays, tubs, skids and more. These robotic systems are great for short-run operations that require a variety of packages with minimal changeover and allowing for many combinations of containers.

The system starts with infeed conveyor(s) that move and position the containers for loading. Another set of product infeed conveyors accept and position the products being placed to securely pick and pack product securely into the container. The robot is equipped with custom tooling that is used to build a full layer pattern and place layer by layer as required. The full system is designed to maximize transfer efficiency and pack density.

If the process requires strengthening dividers between layers, the robot arm will have access to supply dividers and be equipped with the tooling to bend/break the board and insert it automatically while product for the next layer is coming into the loading zone.

Colborne Foodbotics