Canada-based Teledyne DALSA, released two new versions of its Piranha4 series. Teledyne vision inspection camera

The new monochrome Piranha4 dual line scan camera delivers a maximum line rate of 100 kHz in TDI mode, or 200 kHz in area mode, while the Piranha4 2k trilinear model delivers a maximum line rate of 70 kHz.

Advanced features include sub-pixel spatial correction, lens and shading correction and flat field correction. Both cameras have 2k resolution and advanced image sensor technology with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio for unparalleled high-speed monochrome and color imaging. The color and monochrome models use advanced chipsets to deliver high throughput with extended Camera Link cable lengths to 30 meters.

The GenICam-compliant interface makes them easy to set up, control and integrate. Color applications include 100% print inspection, package and label inspection and food inspection. Monochrome applications include railway inspection, printing, wood, film and label inspection and general machine vision applications.

Other key features include sub-pixel spatial correction, which enables imaging in aspect ratios other than 1:1 to increase web speed and allow precise color registration; and multi-angle positioning, which allows the new color Piranha4 cameras to be positioned at any angle.

Teledyne DALSA