Teledyne DALSA, a Canada-based unit of Teledyne Technologies, introduced a new Polarization camera to its Piranha family.

The Piranha4-2k Polarization camera uses Teledyne DALSA’s advanced quadlinear CMOS image sensor with nanowire micro-polarizer filters to capture multiple native polarization state data without any interpolation. With a maximum line rate of 70 kHz, the camera outputs independent images of 0°(s), 90° (p) and 135° polarization states as well as an unfiltered channel.

Key features include:

  • Built on Teledyne DALSA’s advanced CMOS sensors.
  • Tri-Polarization states plus an unfiltered channel.
  • 70 kHz max line rate.
  • 8-, 10- or 12-bit depth selectable.
  • If used with Teledyne DALSA’s frame grabbers, customers will have the advantage of the built-in Trigger to Image Reliability (T2IR) framework, which safeguards every bit in the camera’s full throughput.

Teledyne DALSA