Oxford Frozen Foods, based in Nova Scotia, is a supplier of frozen wild blueberries, exporting to the United States, Japan, Great Britain, EU and Taiwan. That’s why it Advanced IQF freezerinstalled a continuous 24/7 IQF fluidization tunnel freezer from Advanced Equipment, Inc., Canada.

Pumping out 60,000 pounds of blueberries or 75,000 pounds of green peas per hour, this tunnel freezer, which stands at is 180 feet long x 19 feet wide, operates 24/7 for 14 days non-stop. This tunnel freezer is engineered for high energy efficiency, with savings of more than $500,000 per year. It features an automatic sequential defrosting mechanism with hot gas re-claiming recycled water.

“We talked, they listened. It was a very interactive process, and we got what we were asking for,” according to Oxford Frozen Foods. “Advanced Equipment, Inc. was able to take a very complicated request and deliver a truly effective [piece of] equipment on time.”