Observers often note that U.S. food and fashion trends travel west to east. But what about food freezing trends? Here’s a case where a significant new technology is arriving from the other direction - the Far East.

After three years of on-site research and testing in several Asian countries, Air Products’ Freshline DM tunnel freezer appears to be arriving just in time for U.S. processors.

“Our previous offerings were conceived to deal with the larger, more homogenous production runs typical of North American and European food processors,” notes Chris Finnie, senior principal development engineer. “This led us to discriminate between and develop individually quick frozen (IQF) and standard or non-IQF equipment.

“Since that time, Air Products has developed a significant business in Asia. . . . In this region, single product lines with homogeneous production runs is not the norm. Recognizing that frozen food presents the best means processors have to bring their products to distant export markets, Air Products responded by developing a flexible freezing solution that processes both IQF and non-IQF products on one machine.”

Dr. Brian Roy is a marketing manager for Food and Cryogenics at Air Products’ world headquarters in Allentown, Pa.

“The DM freezer helps processors efficiently manage facility throughput using a minimum of expensive floor space. It also allows processors who currently produce only packaged or flat products to manufacture foods where IQF products are desired. This may open new markets for a processor, or in the case of a co-packer, provide other opportunities to offer their services to their clients.”

Roy continues, “This freezing equipment is robust and is available in a modular configuration so it can be implemented over a range of production capacities. The Freshline DM freezer is a smart choice for processors who want to maximize their freezing equipment utilization, maximize the range of potential product categories and meet all of today’s rigorous safety standards in a machine that is time-tested and easy to operate.”

Air Products says the Freshline DM’s co-current freezing configuration - coupled with ultra-quick liquid nitrogen freezing - not only preserves product in the best condition but also protects it during the remainder of the in-plant freezing and packaging operation.

Processors can see the Freshline DM in action by joining Air Products’ live “Freshline Food Virtual Expo” January 27 to 29. Just visit

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