Paragon Software Systems, Inc., Dallas, Texas, introduced Paragon HDS (home delivery system), which enables home delivery and home service companies to Paragon HDS inbodyoffer more accurate delivery times by integrating multi-channel ordering and delivery booking with real-time route scheduling.

Paragon HDS is running continuously. It routes each order while the order is actually being placed, which offers the customer a very narrow time slot, while also optimizing route efficiency.

Paragon HDS takes each new home delivery request and instantly generates a choice of delivery slots that fit in with the existing route schedules. Each customer is only offered viable and cost-effective delivery times, so that logistics operators retain full control of the schedule, while offering the customer an enhanced level of service. The system provides order visibility and continuously re-optimizes the schedule as new orders are input. Paragon HDS also makes it easy to plan regular repeat deliveries with fixed frequency patterns.

This configurable modular system can be linked with vehicle tracking and proof of delivery systems for real time fleet and delivery management.

Paragon Software Systems, Inc.