An auto parts reseller needed to reduce transportation costs and update its transportation management system. A primary issue was the time-consuming bid process. Each shipment was put to bid through emails to carriers and then awarded to the lowest price carrier. This process:

• Was based on only the load at hand

• Resulted in loss of visibility for the customer once the shipment left the dock

• Prevented the company from developing relationships with its carriers.

GENCO, a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based 3PL provider, proposed a unique value-added freight management system that is in use today.

This cloud-based system features:

• Real-time rating

• Immediate execution

• Real-time tracing and tracking

• Immediate settlements

• Real-time reporting

• Load based

• Cost based

• Performance based

In addition, GENCO demonstrated an ability to manage the company’s entire LTL freight while reducing transportation costs.

That's why GENCO created an order-entry tool that allows the company to quickly enter shipments and determine the best carrier to move freight. This tool provides real-time visibility to shipments, status and reporting while reducing the time spent bidding out freight. It also requires no capital outlay or IT resources from the company.

GENCO also provided a dedicated service representative to assist with questions and problem shipments.

Through GENCO’s solution, the company experienced a no-cost start-up that was fully operational within three weeks of implementation and has seen improved on-time deliveries. This led to savings of more than 15% in the first year.

Ongoing, the company:

• Benefits from on-demand, 24/7 service

• Has committed capacity (GENCO does not turn down committed loads)

“GENCO’s freight solutions have helped my business in a number of areas,” according to the customer. “GENCO has allowed us to successfully integrate their business information directly into our CRM to help us to more accurately and quickly assist our customers. Additionally, GENCO offers strong customer service and that personal touch of a dedicated account manager who assists us with a myriad of tasks and communications to the freight providers who are shipping our products. Lastly, it is encouraging to work with GENCO, where I receive the benefits mentioned, and on top of that, I have realized a 15% cost reduction for the orders that I ship through their services.”