Buen Sabor, Newburyport, Mass., introduced a line of all-natural, Latin American-inspired frozen ready-made meals, available in the frozen food aisle of major retail Buen Sabor frozen mealslocations nationwide. Each new entrée leverages traditional dishes, but infuses new flavors and culinary techniques to offer something entirely innovative.

The line includes: Pastelon de Pavo Picante y Lentejas (Spicy Turkey and Lentil Pastelon) Arroz Con Queso y Trocitos de Chorizo (Savory Chorizo Seasoned Rice with Cheese) Arroz Con Calabaza Anco y Chiles Poblanos (Savory Rice with Squash and Poblano Peppers) Arroz Con Trocitos De Pollo Chipotle Frijoles (Savory Rice with Chipotle Chicken and Beans) Empanadas de Picadillo de Carne de Res (Beef Picadillo Empanadas) Empanadas de Platano y Queso (Plantain and Cheese Empanadas) Picadillo de Garbanzos y Comote (Chickpea and Sweet Potato Picadillo) and Tamal de Cazuela de Pollo en Pipian Rojo (Baked Tamal with Chicken and Pipian Sauce).

"We are passionate about creating all-natural and traditionally inspired Latin food for busy people and offering customers a chance at discovering something new. We are going beyond the burrito because there is simply so much more to Latin American cuisine than what is currently offered in stores," says Sarah Pike, founder and CEO.

Buen Sabor launched in 2014.