CSB-System International, Willowbrook, Ill., developed a new software program that provides optimal planning, control and monitoring of production and packing CSB linecontrolsystems to ensure consistently high levels of overall equipment effectiveness.

The CSB linecontrol software establishes an online link with all equipment on the line to provide real-time information on current capacity utilization and performance of individual machines. This data can be accessed on the production line or delivered remotely to a specific computer. The software can identify potential bottlenecks or other stoppages on the line. Any problems can be pinpointed to the exact machine for fast targeted troubleshooting, which minimizes unplanned system shutdowns or downtime. In addition, CSB linecontrol helps companies reduce rejects and the incorrect labelling of products.

An optional component, CSB ecocontrol, can also be specified for the capture of environmental information. This provides details of elements such as energy consumption on the line.

CSB-System International