Wildeck, Waukesha, Wis., unveiled a new fully-integrated VRC system that incorporates automated flush-mounted conveyors with a straddle or 4-post vertical Wildeck FlexLoaderreciprocating conveyor and Wildeck overhead safety gates at each level. 

The new FlexLoader material conveyor system incorporates the company’s full-featured AutoSenz D-Series Overload Detection System with automated horizontal loading and off-loading conveyors. The overhead safety gates are located at the in-feed and discharge points, thus protecting workers from the equipment and open shaft-way and preventing loads from being inadvertently pushed into or down the shaft-way.

FlexLoader sequence of operation:

•             Materials are inducted/loaded with a pallet jack or fork truck.

•             Safety gate is manually closed.

•             Load is transferred to the next level.

•             Safety gate is manually opened at the receiving level to off-load the pallet.

Standard control package includes:

•             Call/send stations at each level.

•             Wildeck’s patented AutoSenz “D-Series” overload detection system with full diagnostics and programmable service reminder.

Signaling system (lights and/or alarms) is available to warn that:

•             System is in “Auto Mode”

•             System is in “Manual Mode”

•             System status

•             Errors or faults

Separate “inbound” and “outbound” lanes can be set up at each elevation to provide:

•             “C-Load” “Z-Load” or “H-Loading” patterns

 All components of the system (VRC, safety gates and perimeter guarding):

•             Are designed for heavy automation duty.

•             Utilize state-of-the-art, but cost-effective controls and devices.

•             Are designed with safety in mind.


Wildeck, Inc.