Smartcool Systems Inc., Canada, provided an update on its beta testing initiative with a Florida-based food distribution firm. The goal of this phase is to determine SmartCool ECO3the impact of the Smartcool technology on compressor optimization.

The Smartcool technology was installed on a refrigerated trailer, which is part of the fleet operated by the food distribution firm. Data was collected to determine that approximately 20% savings was achieved in the run time of the compressor when controlled by the Smartcool system. 

As the compressor of refrigerated transport is driven by an independent diesel engine with its own supply source, the next phase of testing is to install a calibration flow meter to measure the supply and return flow rates of the diesel throughout the system. This measurement is required to determine fuel consumption with and without Smartcool technology optimizing compressor efficiency. As data is collected, the gallon per hour savings determines the economic metrics for this new energy saving initiative within the industry.

This phase of testing will help complete a report verifying the impact of the Smartcool technology on diesel consumption (gallons per hour saved) within the refrigerated food trailer segment.