SCS Global Services, Emeryville, Calif., announced a partnership with SafetyChain Software, a San Rafael, Calif.-based provider of food safety chain management systems (FSCMS). This partnership will provide a harmonized approach to food safety best practices, monitoring and audit-readiness, including services for training, certification to third-party food safety schemes and food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) automation.

SCS offers a wide variety of food safety services, including training for supplier compliance, HACCP/preventive controls, finished product testing and GFSI training, certification and audits. SafetyChain offers solutions that automate, streamline and improve FSQA at all points along the supply chain, with solutions for supplier compliance, HACCP/HARPC, regulatory/GFSI compliance, audit readiness and customer pre-shipment reviews. Together, the partnership provides a cohesive, harmonized offering of both services and solutions that facilitate food safety program excellence and execution.

"One of the challenges food companies face is managing daily operations; it's a continuous struggle to get product out on time, within budget and with the highest safety standards," says Chip Wood, director of business development for SCS." SafetyChain's FSCMS enables food safety and quality teams to monitor FSQA protocols in real time in order to obtain timely, non-compliance information for corrective actions, as well as documentation for all FSQA activity. Not only is this critical for passing audits every year, it also helps food companies increase food safety while reducing operational costs. Our partnership with SafetyChain provides our clients with even greater ability to achieve the highest safety standards in key performance indicators."

"SCS' services around food safety training, GFSI certification/audits and overall audit-readiness align very well with the key business drivers and pain points of the food and beverage companies that come to SafetyChain for solutions that help automate, streamline and improve FSQA,” says Barbara Levin, senior vice president and co-founder of SafetyChain Software. “Additionally, SafetyChain helps create a centralized repository of FSQA data that benefits a company's ability to do trending for continuous improvement—a key to audit success—and provide on-demand, accurate documentation to auditors. To this end, we are very excited to partner with SCS. The synergies between our two organizations will provide a holistic, harmonized approach to comprehensive food safety excellence and execution."