NATIVE AGTECH, New York, partnered with AgSquared, Washington, D.C., to provide AgSquared’s farm planning and management software users with access to NATIVE’s seed-to-sale technology.

AgSquared’s software helps farmers streamline the task of creating a yearly farm plan and turning that plan into day-to-day practice during the farming season.

Under the partnership, NATIVE and AgSquared can be used together to move data from the field to the supply chain. When farmers are managing their fields, they can use AgSquared to log operational data—where crops are planted, sprayed and tilled—right into their phones. From there, NATIVE enables seed-to-sale traceability for buyers, so that farmers are matched with buyers willing to pay a premium for crops with data as value added.

“Great farm records open up a world of possibilities, empowering farmers to understand the drivers of success in their businesses, to make well-informed decisions and to make their businesses more productive, profitable, sustainable and transparent,” says Jeff Froikin-Gordon, co-founder and CEO, AgSquared. “Implementing an integration with NATIVE enables us to extend that visibility and transparency to buyers and consumers, so they can learn about where their food comes from and how it is grown.”

“For NATIVE and companies like them, these types of integrations are critical, as they are the only way that marketplaces can acquire the data required to meet the rising demands of consumers,” says Frank Pica, co-founder, NATIVE. “In the past, harvest-to-plate was acceptable, but a smarter consumer is demanding deeper insights. NATIVE is now integrated to over 1,000 farms, providing traceability and targeting never-before available to retailers, restaurants and wholesalers.”

AgSquared’s all-in-one farm management software products serve farms of all sizes. NATIVE’s mission is to democratize agricultural data and enable market transparency by integrating cloud-based technology throughout food supply chains.