M&W Transportation Co., Inc., a Nashville, Tenn.-based asset-based truckload carrier specializing in milk runs, reverse logistics and local shuttling and delivery, M&W truckdeployed SmartDrive Systems’ video-based safety program across its fleet. While still early in deployment, M&W already credits significant progress in improved driving skills and safety to the program, with the overall SmartDrive safety score improving by 51% since the rollout.

M&W implemented SmartDrive’s safety program to help protect its drivers by identifying what actually happened on the road when an incident occurred, highlighting areas for improvement and recognizing good driving. The company selected SmartDrive due to its open platform technology, as well as input from its insurance captive and feedback from existing SmartDrive customers about the positive impact the program had on their safety results and overall operational performance.

“Safety is at the core of our business,” says Mike McFarlin, chief executive officer of M&W. “We see SmartDrive’s video-based program as a perfect complement to our philosophy and a powerful tool for improving safety and protecting our drivers. In addition to hearing about the positive effect of SmartDrive’s technology from our industry peers, we are already seeing significant improvements in safety and have started using it in our safety incentive and reward program for drivers. We believe that when we are able to provide incentives along with our coaching, driving skills will take another giant step forward in a positive direction. It’s great to reward our drivers for being safe.”

SmartDrive’s video-based safety program identifies unsafe driving with an open platform that captures video, vehicle, audio and driving data and automatically offloads footage for expert review and analysis. Once the videos are scored for risk, drivers are prioritized for coaching, identifying good driving skills and those in need of development.

Within just six weeks of implementation, M&W experienced a 51% improvement in the SmartDrive overall Safety Score—a key performance benchmark to measure progress at the driver, site and company level. In addition, risky driving has been significantly reduced—88% reduction in close following, 69% improvement in stop sign compliance and 59% reduction in speeding. Additionally, most of the drivers are already seeing the program as a valuable tool, enabling them to develop their skills and protect their interests.

“We applaud M&W Transportation for their approach to safety, leveraging video to identify, acknowledge and reward great driving,” says Steve Mitgang, chief executive officer of SmartDrive, San Diego, Calif. “Setting goals and integrating video into an overall incentive program helps facilitate positive dialogue and partnership with drivers, while also substantially improving safety. M&W’s proactive approach demonstrates that video-based safety can be a win-win for drivers and the company, and we are proud to welcome them as a customer.”